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一步法/溶剂法环氧树脂 SOLVENT METHOD


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Product name: Epoxy resin SF808
Type: MMW solid Bisphenol-A type Epoxy resin
Uses: Epoxy resin SF808 is used to produce high performed top-grade Epoxy polyester powder coating, also used in electrophoretic paint , paint , coating, anticorrosive coating.
Features: production in two-step method, environment friendly type, high pure solid Epoxy resin . It owns Epoxy resin E-14 's features, Its powder coating has better electrostatic spraying performance , good plate levelling capacity, suitable for low gloss, dull powder.
Model Specification
Appearance transparent solid , granular , without obvious mechanical impurities
Epoxy equivalent(g/Eq) 600-700
Softening point (℃) 84-90
Viscosity (Gardner's method) I
Inorganic chlorine (ppm) ≤180
Readily Saponification chlorine (%) ≤0.10
Volatile matter (%) ≤0.3
Packing: plastic lined woven bag or kraft bag, net wt 25±0.1kg.
Storage and others: kept in cool and dry place, prevent it from direct sunlight, far away from fire and heat.