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一步法/水洗法环氧树脂 WASHING METHOD


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Product name: Epoxy resin E-2O(601)
Type: MMW solid Bisphenol-A type Epoxy resin
Uses: Epoxy resin E-20(601#) can work with amine curing agent or their adducts, it contains solvent reactive coating. is curable at room temperature or higher, used in binder, anticorrosive coating, zinc powder primers , floor coating, decorative coating & varnish. can improve the performance of Alkyd amino coating and improve the levelling performance of Epoxy polyester powder coating.
Features: extra-strong adhesion, good bending performance & impact performance, excellent chemical resistance, solvent resistance & storage stability.
Appearance light yellow solid granule
Epoxy value(equivalent/100g) 0.180-0.220
Softening point (ball and ring method℃) 64-76
Viscosity (Gardner's method) C
Organochlorine value(equivalent/100g) ≤0.003
Inorganic chlorine value(equivalent/100g) ≤0.0005
Chroma(Fe-Co) ≤4
Volatile matter (%) ≤0.2
Packing: plastic lined woven bag or kraft bag, net wt 25±0.1kg.
Storage and others: kept in cool and dry place, prevent it from direct sunlight, far away from fire and heat. 
Avoid rain and insolation.